Didactic unit. Eduardo Chillida 100 years





The Maushaus team is preparing a didactic unit on Chillida for schools, teachers and educators who are interested in exploring the artist's work and thoughts in more depth. This will be a reference document that will deal with the sculptor's work in a transversal and transdisciplinary way and that will be based on his own texts, thoughts and reflections on art. 

In addition to a biographical approach to the artist, the guide will allow Chillida to be placed in his historical and artistic context. This educational unit will be based on the tools that the artist needed to create his works, not only physical tools but also the ingredients that make up his work: emptiness and matter, poetry, drawing and aromas. His main sources of inspiration will also be present. Chillida was inspired by music, nature, philosophy and science to give shape to his sculptures and drawings. 

Created by the team of architects at Maushaus in close collaboration with the education department of the Chillida Leku museum, this educational unit will provide teachers with keys to understanding Chillida's work and bringing it closer to the pupils, but it will also provide practical exercises that can be carried out in the classroom with proposed activities for all school cycles: infant, primary, secondary and baccalaureate. It can also be approached from different perspectives: art, poetry, literature, mathematics, science and philosophy. As well as more cross-cutting themes such as human rights and nature.