Eduardo Chillida 100 years

Eduardo Chillida 100 años


The 10th of January 2024 mark one hundred years since the birth of Eduardo Chillida, one of the most popular and influential Spanish artists from the 20th century. With his roots in the Basque Country, his arms embraced horizons around the world, creating unique settings to bring society together.  

The centenary, a commemoration promoted by the Eduardo Chillida - Pilar Belzunce Foundation, provides an opportunity to disseminate not only his work, but also his values, artistic sensibility and his contributions to the history of modern art.

Eduardo Chillida 100 years promote a full programme of exhibitions, music, education, reflection and celebration. So, this international commemoration provides a chance to bring Chillida's creations closer to people from a wide range of cultures, generations and backgrounds throughout the world.

This initiative is supported by the Basque government’s Ministry for Culture and Sport.    


“I’m like a tree, with my roots in one country and my branches opening out to the world”.    
Eduardo Chillida

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