Ciento volando de Arantxa Aguirre


A Contracorriente Films & Bixagu Entertainment


Autumn 2024

The documentary Ciento volando, by Arantxa Aguirre and produced by A Contracorriente Films and Bixagu Entertainment, takes on the challenge of bringing the unique experience of visiting, feeling and living Chillida Leku to audiovisual language. The premiere, scheduled for autumn 2024, aims to make the textures, smells, temperatures and the very weight of the immense and eternal masses, blend with colour, light and sound in a fragment of time. 

Chillida Leku, the space that Eduardo Chillida thought up and that, with his wife Pilar Belzunce, he sought, found and modelled, was conceived as a place where each work could settle, finish making itself and find its place in the world. Over time it has become, far more than a unique museum, the place where one connects most intimately with the spirit and the form in which Chillida's legacy lives on for eternity.