Chillida/Balenciaga. Plying form


Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum


22.04.2024 - 05.01.2025

Eduardo Chillida and Cristobal Balenciaga share biographical, formal and philosophical links, despite their 30-year difference in age and the different disciplines to which they dedicated themselves.

Between San Sebastián and Paris there are meeting points around people like Juana Eguren, Pilar Belzunce and the Maeghts. Observing his work, other influences can be seen: studies in space, enveloping geometries, superposition, the forming of material subordinated to form and a common philosophy of rigour, harmony and proportion.

In 1990, Eduardo Chillida created the sculpture, Homage to Balenciaga, as part of a series that he dedicated to people he admired. Starting from this work, the exhibition displays a formal meeting of 42 works by both creators.