Eduardo Chillida


Museo Nacional de Escultura


05.2025 - 09.2025

The National Sculpture Museum is joining in the commemoration of Eduardo Chillida's centenary with a temporary exhibition to be held between May and September 2025. In this way, the National Museum located in the city of Valladolid, will pay tribute to the work of the Donostia-born artist. Chillida's sculpture and its conception as a public work will be the backbone of the exhibition, which will also connect with the work Lo profundo es el aire, which is on display in the same Cadenas de San Gregorio street where the three museum venues are located. 

With it, Chillida paid tribute to his dear friend the Valladolid poet Jorge Guillén through his verse "Beyond, the deep is the air", used as a title in several of the sculptor's works. This exhibition will give visitors an insight into the figure of Chillida and his sculptural production and, in particular, his commitment to the public and his desire that art should not be something reserved for the few but created for the pleasure and delight of the multitude.